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5 Exercises to Properly Prepare for Spring Sports

In the coming weeks/months you might be finding yourself around your house a bit more than usual. Maybe you aren’t able to make it out to a gym, or your regular fitness or physiotherapy class is canceled. This is a great opportunity to build a good strength base in anticipation of hitting the roads, […]

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    9 Great Winter Activities to Challenge the Core (and they’re fun!)

9 Great Winter Activities to Challenge the Core (and they’re fun!)

Did you know that the core has many important roles in the human body? Your core does more than you know, from controlling continence, to keeping pelvic organs up where they need to be, to helping control your trunk and pelvis during activities, to even playing a role in sexual function. The core is […]

Core Strong Group Physio Program (NEW)

What Type of Program is This?
Core Strong is a physiotherapist designed small group class of  4-6 participant. The Core Strong Program is designed to help you with mild incontinence, prolapse, weakness, rectus diastasis, back and SIJ pain. The program will run as 2 separate – 6 week sessions, separated by a physiotherapy assessment and […]

Sports That Aren’t Great for Your Pelvic Floor

My personal “struggles” with being a Mom and a Pelvic Floor Physio AND having a daughter that loves to tumble and flip!
Where do I begin? A lot of clients I see in the clinic struggle with pelvic floor issues that are caused by “tight” or “over recruited” pelvic floors and cores. There can be […]

Benefits of a Gait Assessment | Should You Get One?

Sometimes, pelvic floor issues can totally affect your life and make it more difficult than you expected. Symptoms such as bowel dysfunction, urinary problems or lacking pelvic organ support can make you unable to enjoy life to its fullest. But even still, some people with this problem also experience difficulty walking and running, which […]

Getting Active And Pushing Yourself

This time of year can be so beautiful, with the clear skies and the warm weather. It’s too bad that this can also be some of our busiest times. As the school year ends, summer plans begin and everything gets turned on its head. It’s easy to lose track of routines, or find excuses to […]

Canadian Athletic Therapists Conference 2018

This past weekend I had the pleasure of leading 4 breakout sessions at the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association conference in Quebec City.  The topic of my talk was “The Post Partum Athlete”.  This group of healthcare practitioners were so enthusiastic and eager to learn about this topic, it blew me away!  Going to this […]

The Post Partum Athlete- June 2nd at the CATC

Beth will be leading 4 seminars on The Post Partum Athlete at the Canadian Athletic Therapists Conference in Quebec City on June 2nd, 2018

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    Movement and Breath for Pelvic Health- Tuesday April 3rd 7-9pm

Movement and Breath for Pelvic Health- Tuesday April 3rd 7-9pm

Excited to be partnering with Bronwyn Addico from Balancing from Birth to Baby and Julie Zettel from Queen Sreet Yoga for an evening of education, yoga and dancing!

Race report: Milton Sprint Triathlon 2017

I’m calling this a race report. Maybe I should be calling this “The past 20 months in a nutshell”?  I don’t know…  I plan on writing a bit about my racing in the coming months. It’s an important part of my life and the lessons that come from it are with me in my professional and […]