The holidays are a time of family get togethers, slowing down and celebrating family and friends.  In 2020, things are looking a little different for most of us.  In person gatherings are limited, family vacations cancelled and the looming threat of school moving online hovering over us.  Even with maybe a little less prep work, stress can start to build.

As a pelvic floor physio, I definitely see a correlation in the clinic of stress and pelvic floor dysfunctions related to that.    As holidays creep closer (or coming back to the clinic in June!) we seem to see an uptick in pelvic pain, urge incontinence, dyspaneuria, urgency and frequency.

Here’s a little 15 minute routine that helps to lengthen the pelvic floor, decrease sympathetic activity and helps to develop good deep core motor patterns (it may look a little familiar to some of you  😊):


Remember if this doesn’t feel good on any body part, causes pain or discomfort- please stop!!