I went to KW Pelvic Health as a way to prevent problems down the road. I wanted to learn about how to do Kegel exercises properly.

Andrew, at SOS Physiotherapy, suggested KW Pelvic Health, and I had full confidence in his direction. I have been his client on and off for many years, so I was happily familiar with their expertise. That said, I had no idea what to expect before my first appointment.

What I learned from Stacey was so helpful. I had no idea that the physiotherapy included internal assessments for women’s pelvic health, until I went to her. My experience was educational all around, and as with any physio, as useful as the amount of homework you’re willing to do. Thanks so much, Stacey!

I would like others to know that all women should have pelvic exams done, either for treatment direction, or for prevention of future problems. It’s an area that may not be widely known, and perhaps physicians should recommend it if informed.