I first came to KW Pelvic Health because I had issues with weakened tissue in my pelvic area. I got a referral for pelvic physiotherapy from my gynecologist. I had never heard of this kind of physiotherapy.

Before my first appointment, I was nervous and wondered what the therapy would be like. I expected that there would be a vaginal examination, but that’s all I knew.

My experience with pelvic floor physiotherapy has been great. My physiotherapist, Stacy, is very clear about how to do the exercises, and she explains things thoroughly. She allows ample time to practice, and her encouragement helps me to keep up the effort.

Now that I have been discharged, I have confidence that pelvic floor physiotherapy has made my life better. I won’t need further treatment at this time. Having a knowledgeable and encouraging physiotherapist makes all the difference!