What Type of Program is This?

Core Strong is a physiotherapist designed small group class of  4-6 participant. The Core Strong Program is designed to help you with mild incontinence, prolapse, weakness, rectus diastasis, back and SIJ pain. The program will run as 2 separate – 6 week sessions, separated by a physiotherapy assessment and follow up visit.

The Breakdown

Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of 6-weeks of progressive deep core strength building and mobility of the pelvic floor and core. We include an initial assessment to make sure this class is appropriate for you. We want to ensure that you will receive the most benefit when signing up. Each week builds upon the previous week so attendance at all sessions is mandatory! In between each week, you will have access to our online video home program that will support what you have done in class. You will have access to this guide after the session ends as well.

Phase 2

After a physiotherapist re-assessment and once it is deemed appropriate for you to continue, you may choose to move on to Phase 2.  This 6-week program begins to incorporate an element of “gym” type exercises (bands, balls and weights…etc). You will learn how to cue your core appropriately, scale workouts to meet your level, and improve your strength!  The online video platform will support this program by offering a variety of workouts, using different pieces of equipment that you will have access to during the program and beyond!

Is This Program for Me?

We will be running the following classes to begin:

  • Mom and Baby – Wed Feb 5- March 11 at 11:15 am
  • All Bodies, All Shapes – Wed Feb 5- March 11 at 10 am

Participants will need to be a minimum 6-weeks post-partum. This class is for everyone BUT in order to be considered “physiotherapy” there has to be a “need” (ie. Incontinence, diastasis, pain, weakness, etc).  If you don’t have any problems but are still interested in the program and want to participate, that’s no problem! You’re still welcome to participate but a physiotherapy assessment and re-assessment is not required (please note:  if there is no physiotherapy assessment or follow up or if there is no “need”, it cannot be submitted to insurance)

For more information about the program, to see if it’s appropriate for you or to sign-up please call us at 226-212-50100 or email beth@kwpelvichealth-staging.kfrnluyh-liquidwebsites.com.  Please note we do not do online booking for this service.

Hope to see you there!