The Core Strong Group Physiotherapy program is a physiotherapist/physiotherapist (PTA) led progressive therapeutic exercise program.  It’s held at our clinic, 48 Laurel Street in Uptown Waterloo in our private second level gym. 

The program was designed for people who are having mild pelvic floor issues such as mild incontinence, prolapse and pain.  The first 6 weeks is a progression of deep core (pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and hip/pelvis exercises that includes stretching, strengthening and breathing that has been created by Beth Halford, PT.  It’s more “physio” then a workout.  The second 6 weeks is teaching how to implement what you have learned into more “typical” exercises you would do at the gym.

After each session, you will have access to online videos that are condensed versions of the class (5-15 min) that you can do at home (like a home exercise program when you do physio).  You will have unlimited access to these videos.  We are limiting each class to 3-4 people and it is considered group physiotherapy if certain criteria are met.  The classes are led by PT or PTA’s that are trained in the program.  

Type: Small Group Physiotherapy
Participants: 3-4 (depending on current COVID guidelines)
Duration: Two– 6 Week Sessions
Next session:  Wednesdays October 7-November 12

Core strong 1:  9:30am and 10:45am; Core Strong 2:  12pm

Phase 1

  • 6 Weeks
  • Progressive Learning
  • Strength Building
  • Online Home Video Program

Phase 2

  • Gym Exercises
  • Core Engagement
  • Workout Scaling
  • Online Home Video Program

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